‘Ai Pono Teen Program - Welcome

We know that making the decision to enter a treatment program is a difficult step for someone struggling with an eating disorder, and for family members as well.  It is a significant commitment of time for everyone already facing very busy schedules, but one we believe is well worth making.  It has been documented in the literature that the sooner an individual seeks help for their eating and weight struggles, the sooner they are able to recover.  At ‘Ai Pono we are dedicated to helping teens take this significant step towards freedom from eating disorders and to giving family members the support they need to accompany their daughters on this journey towards recovery.

Our program is designed to give teens a safe, supportive environment to assist them in gaining insight into their disordered eating behaviors and to provide them with the tools for healthy living.  We believe adolescents are best served when the family participates in treatment.  At ‘Ai Pono we recognize the frustrations and feelings of helplessness eating disorders can bring to family members, and we work hard to stop the blaming and shaming of families.  We emphasize the positive contributions parents can make to the recovery process and provide numerous opportunities for family members to develop an understanding of the causes, function, and purpose of the eating disorder.

Our philosophy at ‘Ai Pono is that recovery from disordered eating is possible – so that food, weight, and negative body image are no longer a central feature in one’s life.  We encourage seeking help at the earliest stages of an eating disorder. If you or a family member is struggling with eating, weight, exercise addiction and/or negative body image issues, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have about The ‘Ai Pono Teen Program.

Recovery Story